9 foods that literally eat up your fat! Wonderful snacking options!


There is and lose weight - the dream of every woman. There are so many different delicacies around, which attract with its delicate aroma and delicate taste. Alas, over time, abundant food intake leads to very unattractive folds. But tight diets and food restrictions spoil our mood and negatively affect our health.

Do not worry, "With my own hands" will tell you what you need to eat to stay well fed do not gain weight. These 9 foods literally eat up your fat!

Fat burning foods

  1. Eggs
    Just keep in mind that they must be boiled. You can cook them hard-boiled or make poached eggs - so they are very gentle and retain more useful ingredients. This dish is good to satisfy hunger and does not contribute to weight gain. If you do not like eggs for breakfast, include them in the afternoon or evening menu. Eggs contain many vitamins and minerals necessary for human life. One egg contains 15% of the daily protein intake.
  2. Sauerkraut
    It can serve as an addition to dishes, as well as an excellent snack. It has an interesting property: the body needs much more energy to digest this product than the one that goes with the cabbage. In such a cabbage there is a huge amount of fiber, it relieves constipation, which often torment people sitting on different diets. Sauerkraut contains a large amount of vitamin C, which means it will help avoid colds. Besides, sour cabbage enhances the production of healthy cells in the body, reduces the level of harmful cholesterol. Sauerkraut also contains anthocyanins - antioxidants that slow down the aging process, especially the brain.
  3. baked potato
    It has a very low calorie content, baked potatoes are completely absorbed and excreted from the body, leaving no trace of heaviness in the stomach. Pectic substances help the body get rid of harmful substances. A high potassium content in baked potatoes is good for muscles - if it is deficient, convulsions occur. In addition, the skin of baked potatoes improves male potency. Baked potatoes with a piece of bacon, fresh vegetables or low-fat cheese are a great breakfast option. Also a good alternative would be boiled potatoes in uniform.
  4. Classic Yogurt
    Suitable only if its fat content is not more than 2%. Yogurt contains calcium, protein and improves the intestinal microflora. Since yogurt is fermented, it is better suited for people with lactose intolerance than whole milk and other dairy products.
  5. Artichoke
    This vegetable does not contain anything harmful or high-calorie. It combines well with both sources of protein and carbohydrates. Its regular use gives natural control over the caloric content of food. Artichoke is an excellent source of fiber.
  6. Beans
    Especially good for slimming eat red beans. This simple and inexpensive product is a storehouse of easily digestible vegetable protein, minerals and vitamins. But few people know that it is also very effective in losing weight. Beans, due to the large amount of dietary fiber, improves digestion and serves as a prevention of chronic constipation.
  7. Almond
    According to many nutritionists, the secret to successful weight loss is frequent and divided meals throughout the day, which helps prevent overeating in the evening. Almonds with fresh fruit - the best snack, because this nut is rich in fiber.
  8. Olives
    This product contributes to the normalization of the work of the stomach and weight control. Ten olives a day or a spoonful of olive oil help to improve the absorption of fats and salts, and also remove toxins.
  9. Raisins
    This dried fruit also perfectly relieves fat deposits. As a supplement to the diet, you can make delicious raisin jam. To do this, grind 100 g of raisins and dried apricots, 400 g of prunes, 200 g of wild rose, add honey and eat a mixture of a tablespoon twice a day.

These products have a low calorie content and, because of their characteristics, help to quickly digest food, turning it into energy and vitamin complex, but do not lead to the deposition of fat. By consuming them, you will not feel hunger, and therefore you will eat less.