Fences that will not leave your neighbors indifferent


How many disputes have the wrong hedge caused! The neighborhood wars on the grounds of too high fences formed the basis of books and movies. But such hedges, which are presented in this photo, could boldly claim the main role. Some fences look no worse than the buildings they frame. Most of the presented can be repeated on your site.

№1. Bright sunflower

Sunflowers have always inspired artists. Why not portray this bright sunny flower on your fence? It will complement the landscape of a clear day and will delight you in rainy time.

№2. Succulents

Succulent plants can conquer the heart of any gardener. These garden dwellers do not require large amounts of soil and can grow on any surface. Create compositions in the form of three-dimensional paintings on your hedge.

Number 3. Close windows

An interesting way to use old shutters. Such a fence will look mysterious and monumental. Complete the massive shutters with wooden decor to add a bit of irony to the design.

№4. Use old cans

Reuse of metal cans can be not only environmentally friendly, but also very beautiful. Paint them in one or more colors to hide the inscriptions and protect them from rust. Use new improvised pots to decorate the fence with plants.

№5. Drawing from a cartoon

Draw a scene from your favorite cartoon or book on a wooden fence, and your site will become a local landmark.

№6. Add details

Any interesting things that seem too bulky to decorate the interior, on the street will sparkle with new colors. You can even use dishes with small cracks and chips, beating the topic of destruction.

№7. Draw a picture imitating forging

The tradition of forged fencing involves certain ornaments and elements. And if you want an impenetrable fence, you can just draw such details on it. Complete the drawing with volumetric details in the same style.

№8. A scattering of gems

Insert colored glass pieces into the round holes of the fence, and your garden will be filled with multi-colored lights.

№9. Bird houses

Traditional birdhouses can be placed quite tightly. Fill them with the entire wall of the fence, and listen to the birds singing all summer. The main thing to remember to pour the grain!

№10. Tropical landscape

Wherever your garden is located, you can always dream of the sea coast. Or about traveling to the mountains ... Or maybe a thick Siberian forest? All of the above may appear on your hedge.

№11. Not open windows

Window frames with mirrors inserted into them will create a feeling of spaciousness and air, without disturbing the privacy of your garden. If you are not afraid of watching the neighbors, you can insert simple glass.

№12. Fluttering butterflies

Cut them out of plastic bottles or metal cans and spray can paint. Secure them on the fence with small cloves. Even the most modest fence will look great.

№13. Vertical garden

Another option for placing on the wall succulents. They can be planted quite thickly, and they are still good!

№14. Art carving

Such detail will be noticed by the most attentive and curious passersby. And after that they will not be able to take their eyes off her.

№15. Bright accents

Are old boots worn out or lost a pair? Or maybe they became small owners? Plant flowers in them and hang them on the fence. This bright detail will cheer up passersby and your guests.