15 ideas how to turn old jeans into a fashionable bag


Old jeans are a great material for creativity. They have a beautiful texture and interesting finish. Do not rush to throw a pair that has become small or torn in a prominent place. Even those jeans that have long gone out of fashion, can be an interesting and convenient accessory.

1. Simple bag with flap

This bag is the easiest to sew. You will need a leg from jeans and a long strap with a buckle.

  1. Cut from the leg part of the length component of the height of the bag + valve length + 5 cm for allowances and seams.
  2. Turn the pant leg inside out and sew the edges of the fabric along the cut to form the bottom of the bag.
  3. Cut a slot on the front of the bag to separate the flap. The back wall remains solid. Process the edges of the slot, bending them and hemming.
  4. Sew a strap so that it wraps around the bag in the center of the entire length. Punch holes on the belt with an awl in the right places and fasten it.
  5. Attach a belt or braid handle. If the bag is over your shoulder, fasten the strap under the flap. For a backpack, fasten the cord to the back to form the strap.

2. Bag with pocket

The main thing in this project - to arrange the pattern in the right place.

3. Spacious shopping bag

Sew such a bag using your old one as a pattern. Now you can safely go shopping without contributing to the pollution of nature by buying extra bags.

4. Bag of jeans ribbons

Cut the jeans into even strips and weave them so that the squares are staggered. Weave two rectangles in this way and sew a flat bag from them.

5. Elegant clutch

Strengthen the frame of such a small handbag with thick cardboard. It will simultaneously suit both everyday and evening image.

6. Original finish

The bag of the simplest cut will look very stylish if you complement it with interesting embroidery and appliqué. In this case, the appliqué supports the color of the lining, and the embroidery is in harmony with the finishing seams.

7. Straight bag of long patches.

Use for the bag denim of different shades. Fit the lining to the color of the bag and sew a leather strap.

8. Sports bag

For such a bag you need to find jeans of large size. If there is not enough fabric, add the inserts sewn in patchwork technique.

9. Comfortable backpack

Now everything will be necessary behind his back, and all the old jeans will finally find application. Complete the backpack with a leather patch, and stitch the strap out of the girdle.

10. Playing on the contrast

Complement the bag with a straight silhouette with a rough, worn belt and a strip of cotton lace. This combination will give the accessory ease and dynamism.

11. Ombre bag

Pick up a few different shades of denim and arrange them, forming a smooth color transition.

12. Boho-style bag

Add to the denim material textile braid of different colors. Fill the bag with icons and crocheted flowers. Sew a thick strap from a brown corsage band.

13. Beautician on a thin strap.

A simple project for beginners. You can also sew this item from the shreds left when sewing other bags.

14. Laptop or tablet bag

Complement the blue denim with a patch of bright textile.

15. Handbag for girls

Choose a jewelry for such a bag along with her future little mistress. It is better to sew a bag with a strap over the shoulder so that it does not spoil the posture and is not lost.