For the House and Cottages

Furniture-transformer - the perfect solution for small apartments


If your apartment can not boast a huge number of square meters, you should think about purchasing a multifunctional furniture-transformer. Such furniture perfectly saves free space in the house, improving the quality of life of each family member.

1. Ironing mat

With the help of such a rug, you can get rid of a bulky ironing board, because the rug is mounted on almost any surface.

2. Chair mattress

If relatives from another city unexpectedly arrived overnight, the chair turning into a mattress would be a great solution.

3. Dining set

A table that folds into 2 extra chairs.

4. Dryer

A dryer that can be attached to the wall right in the bathroom.

5. Coffee table with ottomans

With such a table you can arrange a reading club in your living room.

6. A table with a chair

Great idea for both children and storage.

7. Multifunctional table with poufs

The table can be used as a tray for tea.

8. Street set

Multifunctional garden bench, which turns into a table and chairs.

9. Transforming bed

The bed fits perfectly into the interior of any room.

10. Rug - transformer

Very non-standard solution with which you can replace all the furniture in the apartment.

11. Dining set in the wall

Wanted to have dinner - pushed, finished - returned back. Very comfortably!

12. Hanger - transformer

A hanger that turns into a chair with one hand movement.

13. Sofa transformer

Beautiful and bright sofa, which not only serves as a designer zest, but also turns into an extra bed.

14. Shoe rack

And does not take up much space!

15. Multifunctional sofa

Sofa, which turns into a table and comfortable chairs.

16. Shelving

The more shelves, the better!

17. Table and chairs

Modern furniture, which not everyone will put in the house!