The master

Kitchen furniture with your own hands from Sergey Mikhailov


Hello, my name is Mikhailov Sergey, I am 38 years old, I live in the city of Novokuznetsk. Up to this time, it had nothing to do with furniture, and even more so with production.

But first things first. After a complete renovation of the kitchen, the question of furniture arose, i.e. a kitchen headset, and since I had long dreamed of trying to design something with my own hands, I decided that there would not be a better moment, especially since I already had three important components for this: Desire, Tools and Internet. After a brief search, I came across, I liked the resource very much, I liked the works presented on the site, a lot of useful information, programs on the topic. After minor hesitations, I decided to try, download the PRO 100 and start searching for materials.

I figured out the program quickly, threw in an approximate model and “on the road”, although then I still had to adjust some things, but these are trifles, I stopped at the next version.

I decided to start from the table top, bought a canvas and cut it to the required size.

I processed the cutting places, the front ones - by the edge, the internal ones - by sealant.

Then assembled into place.

After installing the table top, removed the dimensions and ordered the chipboard.

It took 2 days to measure parts and sort by product.

After that, he stuck the edge, he edged it with an iron, it turned out pretty good.

Surplus cut the usual clerical blade.

Part of the parts had to be refined itself, including crooked cuts.

Build special troubles and surprises not delivered.

The hood also decided to do it myself, inside I put a car electric motor with an impeller to cool the radiator, powered through a 12 volt power supply.

When all products were ready, measured and ordered facades.

Then it went much slower, because I learned to cut and twist the screws at school, but I didn’t have to deal with the facades before, and still slowly but surely I was going to finish what I started.

At the end of all my attempts, I got this kitchen.

Now, having calculated all the costs, I was pleasantly surprised, the whole headset cost about 18,000 rubles:

Table top, baseboard, inserts, trims 3 628.00
Car wash 1 200.00
Mixer 740.00
Fastening hardware 1 874.34
Edge 350.00
Chipboard 3 549.00
Facades + hinge holes 4 318.00
Hinges, handles 1 850.90
Cutlery stand 330.00

TOTAL 17,840.24

For the sake of interest, I looked for a headset on our square under the order in the shops and studios of our city, I did not find cheaper than 37,000 rubles, saving money on the face.