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20+ photos of family house placement ideas for your attention

The photographs capture all the most important stages in family life: a wedding, a birth of a child, moving to a new home, a trip to faraway countries ... And most of us keep these bright and valuable memories in albums and only occasionally show them to our friends. But don't memorable family photos deserve more?
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Creative rework old furniture

New selection of creative rework old furniture in the new. Oh, how I liked point 23! And in paragraph 29 I already know what I will use as a basis ... 1. An old cupboard is a kitchen island 2. A dresser in a stool 3. An old door at the head of a bed 4. A drawer in a foot stool 5. A folding door in a rack 6.
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Openwork knitting pattern "Raindrops": you get incredibly beautiful things

The simple and beautiful knitting pattern “Rain Drops” belongs to the category of openwork patterns and represents the motifs of droplets placed in a checkerboard pattern on an openwork grid. With such a pattern, incredibly beautiful stoles, capes, scarves, tunics and openwork blouses are obtained. Patterns of the pattern "Raindrops" Report of the pattern 6 loops + 7 loops for symmetry and 2 edging.
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Health and beauty

10 cosmetic recipes that you can make yourself

As the classic wrote: “youth is a tearing product”. And real beauty is the result of constant self-care. Advertising offers all new and new products that promise you beautiful skin, hair and nails. Only very often there is no need to overpay. Here are 10 tools that will cost you a penny and will be able to replace expensive cosmetics.
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